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Yak & Yum

Branding & Web Design


About the project

Yak&Yum is a brand identity we developed for SMD Foods, which is a Manchester-based food and catering business. They approached us to help them re-brand and re-invent themselves to become more appealing to a broader, modern audience.

Great importance was placed on coming up with a fresh visual identity that stands on its own and avoids the clichés of how Asian-inspired cuisine is often presented.


Brand name & identity

Website Design

Social Media

The “Good Food Equals Good Talk” mentality.


Yak&Yum is all about food and good conversation. It is about food as a way to connect people and help them forge beautiful memories together. 


The branding we created for them is fresh, modern and friendly, and that comes across in the name, logo and overall visual style. 


The name takes ‘Yak’ which is slang for ‘talk’ and ‘Yum’ which is the sound used to describe something delicious- and brings them together to create a playful and unique impression. The logo uses friendly, rounded shapes and small graphical elements, making it modern and approachable. The supporting brand visuals include hand-drawn illustrations and symbols, optimised to be used for print and web. 

The Website


We designed a new modern responsive website for Yak&Yum, complete with all the functionality needed to manage their business online. The website allows people to learn more about their brand, check out their menus and offerings, buy food online, make bookings for catering or events, and contact them directly via phone, email, or social media.