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A team of creatives based in Manchester.

We design websites and brand identities for new businesses that want to make the world a brighter place.

What does DAR stand for, you ask? DAR means ‘gift’ is over ten languages. DAR Studio was born out of a desire to share and add value to others. To work with other creative and entrepreneurial minds to design better experiences and a better world.

We like to work with businesses that have a sense of social responsibility and value sustainability and healthy living, as that is something that resonates with our own ethos.

There is nothing more powerful than someone with a bright idea and the desire to make things happen.

Our Team

Darya Meszkes

Co-founder & Graphic Designer

Darya loves research more than you would expect from a human being, and once spent six months researching creativity. She now often uses her time convincing people that they were born creative, and forcing them to take part in daily five-minutes creativity exercises. Darya’s favourite question is ‘Why?’, and her second favourite question is ‘Why not?’.

She gets over-excited about typography.


Alexandra Anghel

Co-founder & Digital Designer

Technical-minded and passionate about all things digital and interactive, Alexandra enjoys nothing more than figuring out how to make things work. A natural multidisciplinary designer with an eclectic array of interests, she’s never too far away from her computer.


She’s probably one of the few people that enjoy reading Terms and Conditions.


Sophie Toland

Graphic Designer & Copywriter

Sophie is an actor and producer, and recently re-embraced her lifelong love of visual arts by graduating from Shillington design school. As a designer, she loves to tell enchanting and engaging stories and is skilled in language and writing.

When she’s not doing any of those things, Sophie is usually playing the piano and violin (not at the same time, although she’s working on it) or crocheting something delightfully weird.


Web Design

Do you need to create a digital experience for your brand or business? You're in luck! No matter at what stage you are in your journey, we can help you build a beautiful, modern website that is easy to maintain and can grow with your business.

Social Media Content

Social Media marketing doesn't have to be so difficult. We offer curated social media template design so don't have to worry about your styling and layout so much, and you can focus on coming up with amazing content instead.


Do you have a business idea but you don't quite know how to tie it all together in terms of your brand identity? Or maybe you're not quite happy with the logo you designed yourself on a piece of a napkin when you first started out? Let us help you bring your brand to life.


Signage design is an important part of how people find your business. Let's make it impactful.

Print Design

In need of some sleek business cards/posters/menu design that you are proud to send to print? We'll make sure you'll have it.


Have you got an awesome product and want the packaging to do it justice? You've come to the right place.

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