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Branding & Web Design


About the project

St8ofArt is an art studio run by Manchester-based mix-media artist Adriana Streit. As part of the re-brand project we did for St8ofArt, we created a new complete visual identity boasting a complex logo system and a rich library of accompanying graphics.


We also completly re-designed and re-built their website, turning it into an e-commece platform where the artist can sell art, prints & merchadise.

Other deliverables for this project included​ photography of the art and products, social media templates, custom signage, and the design of graphics for their t-shirts and bags.


Brand identity

Social Media

Website Design

Print Design


Brand concept

The core concept behind the brand identity for St8ofArt was inspired by the style of the art itself - big, bold, and colourful-, and the artist's love for mixed-media art and using both natural and urban elements in her paintings. 

The St8ofArt visual identity is all about bringing elements of colour, raw emotion and wildness into an otherwise domestic space. The end result is a brand with an unique, collage-like visual style that combines paper, urban textures, and elements of foliage and fauna.


We call this the 'Jaguar in your living room' effect.

Graphics and Content Creation

To have enough visuals to show all the different products sold by the studio, we provided photography services and created an extensive number of image edits and additional graphics. This included content for the brand's social media, as well as 30+ custom mockups to be used for product presentation for their online shop.