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A sexy and tasteful identity and branding design project for an ethical sex toys brand.


In early 2021, we were approached by a startup with a refreshingly ethical take on bespoke sex toys - sustainably produced, and crafted to suit the customer’s individual needs. Still in the development stages, this was a real opportunity to build an innovative brand from the ground up - and help them create a social media buzz in the lead-up to their product release.

We launched into some thorough market research around the contemporary sex toy industry, as well as gaining a real understanding of the client’s personal background and business mindset. The biggest challenge here was for us to develop a brand that would appeal to the connoisseur with a flexible budget, but not to appear so exclusive as to put off other curious clients. Coming off as a budget brand wouldn’t work either, and it was important for us to let the brand’s cheeky, refined sense of humour shine through.

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The Logo & Name

We found the name ‘Melba’ came quite naturally - it’s based, of course, on the classic Peach Melba dessert. Peaches, and the concept of ‘peachy’ was the perfect encapsulation of wit and sexiness to us - and so Melba was born.

Our work for Melba included a named brand concept with logo design, accompanying graphics, image treatments, full website design and a complete brand book. We also set up the client with a full social media startup package - including a detailed guide for content and posting strategies - to help support the entrepreneurs in the crucial first stages.

Check out the live website here.

What we Delivered