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We developed the branding and website for a Manchester-based stitch artist that promotes wellbeing through art and mindfulness.

Little House of Victoria

For this project, we rebranded and redesigned the website for Little House of Victoria. The new brand was developed by taking inspiration from the lightness and mindfulness of Scandinavian design. The logo itself had a decorative look inspired by old Norse runes and captures both simplicity and a crafted, artistic spirit.

Little House of Victoria aims to be a safe and welcoming space that encourages creativity and self-reflection. As such, the brand visuals were picked to create a sense of calm and wellbeing while staying friendly and approachable.

All Projects

As part of this project, we redesigned the Little House of Victoria website and added shop functionality. We also helped create and curate the content and graphics for the website.

The final result was an on-brand, modern and responsive platform for LTHOV to sell a range of products, such as embroidery kits and merchandise, as well as original art. Check out the live website here.

Web & Mobile